Her Ambitious Career

Ep 48 - 'The DNA of Performance' with Alessandra Edwards

July 05, 2022 Episode 48
Her Ambitious Career
Ep 48 - 'The DNA of Performance' with Alessandra Edwards
Show Notes

Welcome to Her Ambitious Career, the personal branding and success podcast for ambitious corporate women who expect more from their careers.

This episode, 'The DNA of Performance' is a fascinating insight into our genetics and how our genetics might impact our ability to lead effectively.

In this conversation, Alessandra and I are talking about:

- The differences between leaders who have the 'CEO' gene and the 'Warrior' gene
- How genes present themselves in their truest form in our 30s and 40s
- How to identify when you're operating at your 'genetic potential'
- And an exploration of all sorts of symptoms including insomnia, excessive thinking, anger...
- And a discussion too about sleep, diet, exercise, adrenaline and how to optimise your performance. 

Alessandra says:

"There are different patterns of genetics related to personality traits and how we deal with stress."  (Alessandra Edwards, guest on Her Ambitious Career podcast)


Guest Bio:

Alessandra Edwards is a mentor, trainer and best-selling co-author of two books, Brace for Impact and What the Hell Do We Do Now?. Her third book, The DNA of Performance: How to Unlock Your Genes for Unstoppable Energy and Vitality is due to be published later this year.

For the last 10 years, Alessandra has worked with CEOs, senior leaders and their teams to teach the science of how our genes can be unlocked for unstoppable vitality and resilience.
 Her client portfolio includes senior executives from ANZ, Coles, DXC Technology, NAB, Shell and AustCyber.
 > Find Alessandra here: https://alessandraedwards.com/ 


Host Bio:

Rebecca Allen is a Career Success Coach for ambitious women looking to land dream career opportunities. She has worked over the last 10 years with clients from companies including ANZ Bank, Origin Energy, J.P. Morgan and Coca-Cola Amatil and loves getting those excited phone calls from clients saying they’ve been promoted, have negotiated a seismic pay rise or have moved into a role completely aligned with their mission, values and strengths. Find Rebecca: www.illuminategrowth.com.au

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