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Rebecca Allen

Her Ambitious Career is a destination for female managers and early leaders who want to land dream opportunities in their careers. Hosted by Rebecca Allen, a Career Success Coach with over 10 years' experience, this podcast is a deep dive into practical career ownership and leadership strategies to build confidence, influence, and credibility. Do you want to negotiate a pay rise...Land a dream role...Or become deeply confident about quantifying and verbalising your value? You're in the right place and we are so thrilled you are here! In Her Ambitious Career, Rebecca interviews senior execs - both women and men - who share their advice and strategies to help you get ahead. Some stories are 'highs' and others very raw, vulnerable lows.... and all with plenty of lessons for you to take away.Rebecca also chats with recruiters, image consultants, communications specialists and health professionals to give you the latest advice on presenting yourself in the most impactful way.If you want to learn about how to...* Build your personal brand* Ask for more of what you want* Get career clarity* Be recognised for your input* Present yourself authentically* Communicate to influence* Raise your profile* Build a positive mindset* Be seen as a go-to domain expertWe have got it covered! Join us - and plenty of other incredible professional women - to enjoy more of the success and fulfilment you deserve! See you inside...Rebecca You can find me at www.illuminategrowth.com.au
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