Her Ambitious Career

Ep 50 - '5 Of My Clients Share Their Success Stories With Us'

July 19, 2022 Episode 50
Her Ambitious Career
Ep 50 - '5 Of My Clients Share Their Success Stories With Us'
Show Notes

Welcome to Her Ambitious Career, the personal branding and success podcast for corporate women who want to land dream opportunities in their careers and get that recognition they so deserve.

I am super excited to celebrate our 50th podcast episode! What a ride this has been ! What a learning curve! And I hope you're loving the show as much as we are loving producing it!

This week, to celebrate us hitting this milestone, we wanted to bring you something different... something special...

5 of my fabulous coaching clients are sharing their personal journeys with you, to demonstrate their tremendous results and also how powerful an experience coaching really is. Come and celebrate their wins with us!

I am grateful to all 5 of these clients who have shared their stories for this episode! Thank you!

So... who is sharing?

Sherrie is talking about she successfully interviewed for her dream job despite having some early setbacks...

Bianca explains how doing deep mindset and self-value work can have a profound impact on your results for the rest of your life...

Maree talks about how she was promoted to COO and how she has adapted her leadership to match her new level of authority...

Ingrid is sharing how she went from feeling overlooked and unrecognised, to landing a new role as well as negotiating a seismic pay rise...

Sarah explains how she's managed to overcome her own self-sabotage to live a life and career more fully expressed...


Some More About Your Host:

Rebecca Allen is a Career Success Coach for ambitious women who want more from their lives and careers. She has worked over the last 13+ years with clients from companies including ANZ Bank, Origin Energy, J.P. Morgan, IHS Markit and Coca-Cola Amatil and loves getting those excited phone calls from clients saying they’ve been promoted, have negotiated a seismic pay rise or have moved into a role completely aligned with their mission, values and strengths. Her own ambitions include raising two beautiful, happy confident children; building a fun and impactful coaching business that empowers 50,000 women worldwide; and visiting Alaska! You can connect with Rebecca on linkedin here: Rebecca Allen Career Coach


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