Her Ambitious Career

Ep 71 - 'Successful Career Realignment After 40', with guest Janice Sutherland

December 13, 2022 Episode 71
Her Ambitious Career
Ep 71 - 'Successful Career Realignment After 40', with guest Janice Sutherland
Show Notes

Welcome on in to Her Ambitious Career, the personal branding and success podcast for corporate women who are ready for more and who never want to settle for second best.

Have your needs and ambitions changed, now you're 40?

Has the pandemic impacted your decision making and direction?

In this conversation Janice and I are talking about...

* Planning ahead and getting the direction you need for the next 20 years of your career

* How success doesn't necessarily mean a 'leadership' position - redefining what 'success' means for you and knowing how to measure success

* Asking yourself whether your current career delivers on what you most want and what you will gain

* Follow a 5 step system to help you answer that question, 'What do I want next from my career?'

 Here's something that stood out for me in today's episode:

“Check yourself. For me, I wanted freedom and autonomy and, given that I have achieved those things, I regard myself as being successful."  (Janice Sutherland, guest on ‘Her Ambitious Career’ Podcast) 


Guest Bio:

Janice Sutherland is CEO of This Woman Can, an Executive & Leadership Development company for women of colour and over 40.

As a first generation immigrant, who came from a challenging background, Janice grew her career to the C-suite to become the first woman to head up the Telecoms Sector for a multi-million company in the Caribbean. Now, as Founder of This Woman Can, a company rooted in career mentoring for executive women of colour, Janice helps career-minded women to re-align their careers while staying true to their values and personal and professional priorities.

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Host Bio:

Rebecca Allen is a Career Success Coach for ambitious corporate women who want to land dream opportunities and thrive personally too. She loves getting those excited phone calls from clients saying they’ve been promoted, have negotiated seismic pay rises or have moved into roles completely aligned with their mission, values and strengths.

She coaches individual women and also provides coaching and training to organisations invested in bringing more exceptional women leaders through the ranks.

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