Her Ambitious Career

Ep 112 - 'End of Year Results & Behind The Scenes', with me Rebecca Allen, Career Success Coach for Women

December 19, 2023 Episode 112
Her Ambitious Career
Ep 112 - 'End of Year Results & Behind The Scenes', with me Rebecca Allen, Career Success Coach for Women
Show Notes

Welcome to Her Ambitious Career, the personal branding and success podcast for corporate women who want to get promoted, be sought out for their expertise and be paid appropriately for their impact.

Hi there! I'm Rebecca Allen and I am a Executive & Personal Brand Coach who is all about celebrating your wins and helping you learn as you get there.

As 2023 draws to a close I really wanted to give you an insight into some of our results at Illuminate Personal Growth... and give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of what's been happening!
Every year, I work with between 40 and 50 women on a 1:1 basis... which doesn't include the fabulous ladies in our Thought Leaders Masterclass groups or our Inner Circle memberships...

It's a busy, busy world at Illuminate!

And within those 1:1 clients these last 12 months...

  • 80%+ were promoted or landed new internal roles
  • 40%+ successfully negotiated pay rises or improved financial packages

Almost all of my clients reported:

  • A positive shift in perception that key stakeholders had of them
  • And a shift in confidence in  

I don't know about you - but those results are something to be proud of!

Here's something interesting I said in this ep! :)

"The shift in confidence that so many of my clients experience is profound. You get out of your own way, stop overthinking or second guessing yourself  and start focusing instead on clarity, objectivity and self-assuredness - would that be liberating outcome for you? To get rid of all that baggage?"  (Rebecca Allen, Career Success Coach and host of Her Ambitious Career podcast)


Some More About Your Host:

Rebecca Allen is a Career Success Coach for ambitious women who want more from their lives and careers. She has worked over the last 13+ years with clients from companies including ANZ Bank, Origin Energy, J.P. Morgan, PwC, McKinsey, IHS Markit and Coca-Cola Amatil and loves getting those excited phone calls from clients saying they’ve been promoted, have negotiated a seismic pay rise or have moved into a role completely aligned with their mission, values and strengths.

Her own ambitions include raising two beautiful, happy confident children; building a fun and impactful coaching business that empowers 50,000 women worldwide; and visiting Alaska!


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